"I just submitted my application to NYU and am feeling really great about it. I must say that

your help played an integral part in that - you are like a laser! I really, really appreciate it."


"I got in to Columbia, I got a coat and I’m off. So, thank you again, a really, big, huge thanks!"



"Candice Frankel is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the college admissions process. She's the go to person for any and all questions. She knows how to talk to teenagers and their anxious parents and her invaluable guidance helps everybody sleep better at night!"  

Tenth Grade Parent


"My son’s experience with you was impactful. Your name is discussed in our home. What a joy to have had such an influence in shaping a young man. I am truly grateful he had the opportunity to know you, work with you, and have your support." (UCLA)


"We cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance with our daughter. She has really 'blossomed' and has much more confidence now! Thank you so very much". (Chicago)


"Candice provided tremendous support, advice and encouragement for our family through all the highs and lows and stresses of this challenging college process. She met regularly with our son to review applications, discuss strategies and to give emotional encouragement. She was always available to answer any question or assess any situation, and most important of all, she helped give us perspective and humor. We couldn’t have done it without her wisdom and her experience. Thanks for everything". (Duke)